We believe in better healthcare

Chorus is a Swedish e-health company, dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery through innovative technology solutions. We build products and services which improve patient outcomes, enhance care delivery, and drive greater efficiency and cost savings for healthcare providers.

how we go about things

We are in this together

We want to do good. It is as easy as that. Our three fundamental principles guide how we approach our organisation as well as the work we do.

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Always better - Always together

We search for new ways of thinking and better solutions for our customers via innovation and hands on experience from healthcare. Internally, we collaborate and share insights about new ways of thinking and working. We want everyone at Chorus to thrive, develop and feel involved. With openness and transparency, we allow everyone to inspire.

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Work beyond traditional projects

Good health and well-being are of crucial importance for the entire society. A well-functioning healthcare system is a vital part of society's infrastructure. This became especially clear during the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare capacity was tested thoroughly. We at Chorus aim to develop digital solutions for e-health actors that give more time for care.

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A better life for patients and relatives

We strive to contribute to giving both patients and relatives a better life. We innovate and develop to provide better information and become more efficient. This gives more time to care.

Working at Chorus

We focus on innovation and sustainability within healthcare. We seek out opportunities to work on cutting-edge projects that make a real impact on society.

Our strength is our small size. We all know each other, so you won't be "just another coworker" here! We focus primarily on healthcare and we welcome and encourage diversity in all aspects.

Working with Chorus

Our main goal is to help our clients succeed. We can assist with most aspects of health tech development, from small innovation projects to large-scale initiatives like country-wide standards and architecture for entire digital health record systems. If we encounter a project we cannot take on at the moment, we can always connect you with a partner who can. Let's talk!

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